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Who We Are

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The staff of the NGO Rencontre des Médecines:

  • Anne de Constantin is the president. She is also in charge of the symposium Denis Guichard - Un nouveau regard sur le Vivant, which aims to establish a dialogue between scientists and traditional societies. Yvette Parès was invited on several occasions to participate in these talks.
  • Vice-president: Dr Beatrice Milbert, specialist in Chinese medicine and homeopathy.
  • General secretary: Chantal Perrin, film maker.
  • Djibril Bâ is the general secretary assisant and the manager of the Hôpital Traditionnel de Keur Massar.
  • Treasurer: Geneviève Baumann. She also teaches in Geneva and organizes humanitarian-based trips.
  • Demba Diallo is assistant treasurer.

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