The association Rencontre des médecines was founded in Senegal in 1998 by Dr. Yvette Parès. It acquired the status of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2001.
The goals of the associations are to:

-  Facilitate a dialogue and exchange between modern medicine and practitioners of traditional medicine in Senegal, African countries, and other regions of the world.

-  To forge bonds based on respect and mutual confidence between practitioners of all forms of medicine, and creating a possibility for the enrichment of the practice of medicinal arts.

-  To make traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia better known, to arouse interest in vocations based on phytotherapy, herbalism, and galenism among medical students, and to promote medicinal plants.

The NGO Rencontre des Médecines is most notably in charge of the Hôpital Traditionnel de Keur Massar (Keur Massar Traditional Hospital), where patients are treated according to a wide range of treatments that are faithful to both the spirit and the letter of the centuries-old traditions of African medicine. Rencontre des Médecines defines the policies that are put in place by the hospital, looks over their implementation, and is in charge of its operation and management. For more information, you can visit the website of the Hôpital Traditionnel de Keur Massar.

"Our deepest desire is for this testimony of traditional African medicine to provoke new conceptions and achievements for the well-being of the world by rallying knowledge, along with hearts and minds, in a vast planetary movement. Would this not be for the best of all possible ‘globalized’ worlds?" Yvette Parès

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